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Re: [IPk] Dress and holidays

I'd settle for educating people!

I have only just started injecting in public, and it has made my life alot 
easier.  I am quiet about my dm, don't know if it is a sign of 
nonacceptance, but I am happiest that way. A couple of years ago when I was 
Africa the people I was with had to know (yes, this was associated with my 
insulin going off in the heaat!), and it was all they spoke to me about, and 
the food police had a field day!

I don't know how we educate people.  The best way would be to make them live 
a single day how we spend every day of our lives....in the meantimne, any 
ideas?  Before I was dxed I knew nothing and had no reason to know, and just 
thought it meant you couldn't eat sugar!


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>Subject: Re: [IPk] Dress and holidays
>Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 19:53:30 +0100
>I agree that it's a shame people think that way (and I am in know way
>defending them!) but it's a sad fact that injecting in public does make
>other people uncomfortable and in turn makes me uncomfortable, it's one
>reason I really like the pump (especially the D-tron) because it's so easy
>to push a button through your clothes without anyone noticing - so no more
>searching for toilets in the middle of Oxford Circus for me.  When that
>person made a comment at my work it made me quite upset but I didn't say
>anything and it certainly made me keep quiet about my diabetes - perhaps 
>just not as brave as some of you. It's funny that only on  holiday I was
>relaxed enough to let people notice attaching and reattaching but I was
>suprised at the number of people who did comment on it (one being a very
>nice german chap who's six year old daughter had diabetes, and then I was
>only too happy to demonstrate all the functions of the pump).
>Re-educating peope would be nice, but is it really possible?
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>Subject: [IPk] Dress and holidays
> > Re: Dress and holidays
> >
> > Zoe, I agree with your point, and none of us wants to be impolite. I
> > intend to imply otherwise.  However there are differences (nose-picking
> > some other frowned-on habits have hygiene implications, for example) and
> > is a principle here, a bit like the "breastfeeding in public" issue.
> > (Personally, I don't understand why we're all so coy about our bodies 
> > their functions.  I rescinded my original point because it was taken out
> > context, but I personally am furious that issues about intravenous drug
> > abusers have caused so many problems to innocent users of syringes and
> > such as diabetics.)  On many occasions I've jabbed at the table when
> > out, and nobody has ever noticed let alone complained.  Subtlety is
> > as is the knowledge that most people are more interested in themselves
> > you, provided you're not dancing on the table top!  If you don't expose 
> > intimate part of your body in a blatantly obvious manner, it should be
> > perfectly accepable to jab (or detach / reattach your pump) anywhere
> > physically possible (let's face it, you might have to!), so toilets 
> > the only acceptable place but there should be lots of others!
> >
> > Mary
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