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Re: [IPk] hot weather and Bgs

On Mon, 30 Jul 2001, you wrote:
> >I've recently started a relationship - but I really can't imagine
> >that's the cause!
> You may be in for a big surprise Di! I have found relationships in the past
> to have a substantial impact on my diabetes control.

well I did lose half a stone in the first week - without trying. And
conseqeuntly my insulin needs decreased. But it's rather far from being "a new
domestic situation" right now!
I have a feeling things are coming back to normal. Once I got my 16 mmol/l BG
this morning back down to normal levels with a 4 inch bolus, things seem to be
better today. And I've successfully been to the gym for an hour - BG before -
4.5 BG after 5.6. perhaps I shouldn't speak too soon though! 
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