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RE: [IPk] hot weather and Bgs

On Mon, 30 Jul 2001, you wrote:
> That's horrible! I wonder should you return your afternoon basal to where it
> was, since you were ok then and since you've upped it you've been having
> hypos in the afternoon. And that might be an opportunity to go to the gym.
> This is a half serious comment: perhaps having a new relationship is
> changing your hormonal balance, and thereby affecting your BGs. In that
> case, I wonder how long it will take to settle down?
> elizabeth

Yes, I might try increasing the nighttime one some more (that's always the time
when if my BGs are going to go mad, it happens) and putting the afternoon one
back to normal. I usually go to the gym in the afternoon anyway, so I'll try
going this afternoon if things are stable.

I did consider the hormonal effect of the relationship - in fact I was telling
Greg about the problems with high BGs I was having and (he doesn't know much
about DM but he's learning fast) his reaction was "do emotions affect your
levels - do you think it's me?" To be honest, I don't think my hormones are
being particularly messed around - it's a fairly low-key relationship since
it's rather long-distance (he lives in Kent and I live in Sheffield!), but I
guess you never know.  Stress does often make my BGs rocket, thuogh I'm not
stressed at all right now. I think I've ruled out all pump-related causes

Perhaps it's just a combination of things - hot weather,
hormones, not going to the gym.....

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