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Re: [IPk] 508 battery life & belt clip

On Sun, 29 Jul 2001, you wrote:
> On the stiff - clip - I think it's a common problem (aka 'design
> feature'). I tend to audio-bolus by mistake (not all the way, of course,
> just have to hit the 'no' button - but it does mean it makes a beep and
> then a boop - which I'd rather not have, since when unclipping the pump
> and reclipping it in public it's usually because I've managed to clip my
> underwear in by mistake, and it's pulling (aagh - I do think pumps are
> for more sensible people than me!)

I used to keep turning the light on and off when I clipped and unclipped the
pump, but now I've figured out how to hold it. I hold it around the edges of
the pump and use my thumb underneath to activate the clip.
Pat - I probably clip and unclip my pump about 20 times a day - every time I
bolus or check something on the pump, when I get changed - e.g. when I got to
the gym, have a shower, get up, go to bed. I find it much easier to bolus while
looking at the pump.

I mentioned here a while ago that I found my batteries on the 508 last a lot
less time than my batteries on the 506 did - for no apparent reason. I use the
audio bolus quite a lot, but not the remote or light. i think the 508 just uses
more battery power than the 506 did. Though I have heard that the light is very
draining on battery power.

That brings me onto another question though. Hjow long does the battery in the
remote last?
I use mine very rarely - probably in total I've used it about a dozen times -
and now the light refuses to come on and stay on (the indicator light I mean),
so it doesnt' work. The light flashes a bit and that's it. I can't get it to
work. It looks to me like a low battery problem, but I'm astonished if the
battery has only lasted such a short time.  Also how do I change the battery in
it? And what sort of battery does it take? It looks as if I have to unscrew the
tiny screw in the back of it.
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