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[IPk] hot weather and Bgs

I know that hot weather can do nasty things to your control, but I never
normally have any problems with it - in fact if anything, my Bgs drop like a
stone when it's hot.
But for the last week my Bgs have been all over the place - well, mostly
ridiculously high.
First I thought it was a bad site, so I changed that. Things were better for a
day, then I woke up with a BG of 16, which didn't come down all through the
morning despite large boluses. Finally in the afternoon it settled down, was
fine till about 10pm when it shot up again.  Changed set again, refilled line
in case there was air in the tube. Bg in the morning 23 this time! Decided
maybe it was the insulin so changed to a new bottle, refilled it again, changed
set again. Same thing - high Bgs all morning then it settled down in the
afternoon, then rose again early evening this time. Couldn't figure it out, but
decided to raise my basals around the clock, thinking maybe I was getting ill
or something. Increased everything by 0.3 units/hour.
Woke up yesterday morning with a Bg of around 16, same problems all morning.
Afternoon was fine, then it started crashing and I had about 3 hypos in the
afternoon/evening. Thought maybe things were back to normal (but left increased
basal). Woke up this morning  -BG 16.
During the last week I haven't been to the gym, because all sorts of nasty
things happen when my control is all over the place. Which in turn is probabyl
not helping, because when I don't exercise much for a few days, my insulin
needs increase. but not by THAT much!
I'm running out of ideas now - I don't want to increase my basals any more
becuase I'm not high all the time, and it's getting unpredictable when I will
be high or low.
I've changed insulin bottle, infusion sets, line, and none of that seems to
make a difference. I'm not particularly stressed, my sleeping habits haven't
changed.  I've recently started a relationship - but I really can't imagine
that's the cause! At least, I hope not! "Sorry, I can't go out with you, you're
bad for my BG levels" :-)

Does anyone have any bright
ideas?  I'm going to try and find a time when my BG seems to be stable and get
back to the gym, but otherwise I can't think what to do. 
I'm getting seriously annoyed by this now.
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