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RE: [IPk] Animas pumps

>So it's much simpler to have a global basal-rates-up-by-10%
command (or down by 15% or whatever), rather than having to fiddle with yet
another temporary basal rate every few hours.

perhaps, but in general I would rather use an alternative basal profile than
have to try to figure out what percentage I would need. I do enough maths as
it is! And truthfully, if I were ill, I wouldn't change my basal profile: I
would use a temporary basal to cover needs, because if I were asleep for a
few hours I would rather have the higher temporary basal turn off and get a
higher BG rather than have changed profiles, have my insulin needs drop
overnight because I'm getting better, and have a bad hypo. Because with
illness, my awareness decreases. But that's me: everyone has their own
management method of choice, which is why it's good we have a selection of
different pumps to choose from.

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