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RE: [IPk] Animas pumps

>they use the same basal
>increase/decrease system as Disetronic: it's on a percentage. That's one of
>the reasons I chose the Minimed over the Disetronic: I didn't want to have
>to spend time figuring out what percentage .7 was of .5, I just want to turn
>my pump up. And I didn't see anything about a square or dual wave bolus,
>which I use frequently.I was interested in the Animas self-priming
>cartridge, however.

If you're talking about temporary basal rates, I don't understand you,
elizabeth. If your basal rate goes up and down at different points in the
day, and your insulin sensitivity has temporarily changed (you've got a
cold, you're sitting in a meeting all day, you're shopping all day etc)
then most likely all your basal rates will have changed by a similar
proportion. So it's much simpler to have a global basal-rates-up-by-10%
command (or down by 15% or whatever), rather than having to fiddle with yet
another temporary basal rate every few hours.

Or have I misunderstood you?


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