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[IPk] Children and diabetes...

Oh sigh! My 17 month old son is already intervening in my diabetes...

He was mooching around my desk yesterday looking for things to do, and
decided to take my pump out of my pocket (for those that don't know me, I'm
fairly relaxed about these sort of things). He's already found that
pressing the top right button makes the thing beep in rising tones, and
pressing the one below it makes a long low beep. Great fun - and fine so
far. But yesterday he found that the bottom left button makes the pump
repeat all the earlier beeps, and then start to click... I think this game
will now have to finish :-)

I was also checking my bg first thing this morning, and for some entirely
unknown reason I looked at the time on the meter... 23:22. Ah. I downloaded
the readings into a fresh computer file, and picked through them by hand,
and found the point 2 days ago when 9 hours 30 minutes had been subtracted
from the time on its clock. No prizes for guessing which young gentleman in
this household likes fiddling with daddy's bg meter...

I also checked his bg a few days ago. No particular reason - more
curiousity than concern I think - and the meter duly reported an E-7 error.
Does that mean he's not human or something? (I don't have my error codes
with me - it's a Bayer Esprit/Dex.) I checked it again later, and it was
5.4, so no concerns there.


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