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[IPk] Dress and holidays

Re: Dress and holidays

Zoe, I agree with your point, and none of us wants to be impolite. I didn't
intend to imply otherwise.  However there are differences (nose-picking and
some other frowned-on habits have hygiene implications, for example) and there
is a principle here, a bit like the "breastfeeding in public" issue.
(Personally, I don't understand why we're all so coy about our bodies and
their functions.  I rescinded my original point because it was taken out of
context, but I personally am furious that issues about intravenous drug
abusers have caused so many problems to innocent users of syringes and needles
such as diabetics.)  On many occasions I've jabbed at the table when eating
out, and nobody has ever noticed let alone complained.  Subtlety is important,
as is the knowledge that most people are more interested in themselves than
you, provided you're not dancing on the table top!  If you don't expose an
intimate part of your body in a blatantly obvious manner, it should be
perfectly accepable to jab (or detach / reattach your pump) anywhere that's
physically possible (let's face it, you might have to!), so toilets might be
the only acceptable place but there should be lots of others!

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