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Re: [IPk] Funding (was Animas pumps)

In message <email @ redacted>,
Audrey Sheal, SE Grampian <email @ redacted> writes
>Sorry for that rant!  What do you think you would need (aside from
>patience and money!) to take a case to the EU?

A good lawyer.

A good lawyer (using a different meaning of the word 'good') might be
prepared to take a class action on a no-win-no fee or (less likely) pro
bono basis.

If one of the people here who hasn't got a pump is a union member, it
might be worth them exploring this with their union's lawyers.  Also
explore with your welfare officer whether the union would fund the pump.
(I only thought about this route after I'd secured the funding for mine
- the welfare officer I've talked to about it (unison) was very positive
- she would deny ever saying it, of course, but she said 'it would be
great to get an application for something where we could see that what
for us isn't a great amount of money would really improve someone's day-
to-day life and life chances - rather than whinging request from people
who should really be able to sort things out for themselves'.

Best wishes,

(Dm 30+, 508 3 months+)
Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
   "It might look a bit messy now, but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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