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[IPk] Funding (was Animas pumps)

	I know this has been said far more eloquently by many of you but
this disparity really makes me mad.  Is there something unethical about not
allowing access to the same level of treatment?  I feel that the attitude
(apathy or antipathy?) show by clinics/specialists to pumps can mean that
patients are not making  informed choices about their care.  I know that a
pump is not for everyone, but surely it should be included in the range of
options considered for us all?  

	Sorry for that rant!  What do you think you would need (aside from
patience and money!) to take a case to the EU?

	Audrey Sheal

> >Another interesting thing I noticed in that article - in France the cost
> of
> pumps is now refundable by social security.
> Yes, I noticed that to, and also how they seemed to define Europe as
> France
> and Germany. I wonder will people in the UK be able to take cases to the
> EU
> about the dodgy funding for pumps? Will the EU rule in favour of
> harmonised
> health care and make the UK government give the same treatment options to
> diabetics that diabetics get in other member states? Hmmm....
> elizabeth
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