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Re: [IPk] dress and holidays

> It's not being ashamed, it's just politeness - would you pick your nose in
> public? I decided that by the pool, where your cannula is in full view
> anyway there wasn't much point hiding it.
> Zok

I have no qualms about connecting and reconnecting in public - I do it for
goalball as I have to disconnect when I go onto the court. I try to remember
not to have a set in my backside at the time though, for the sake of public
But if connecting/disconnecting involves revealing bits of you that you would
rather not in public (such as pulling up your dress to above the waist!) then I
wuold at least go out of the room, if not into the toilet, to do so! 
I also change sets, refill my pump etc. in public, though I probably wouldn't
dotthat on the bus with someone sat 2 inches away from me.  Again, public
decency - people don't generally like being that close to sharp needles,
especially on a moving vehicle that's likely to swerve!

When I go through customs at the airport I always try to make sure my pump and
site are both easily accessible - it's possible you might be asked to take it
off, or show it to them at least, for a security check. And they might get a bit
worried if you are hiding it  in your bra :-)

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