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Re:[IPk] Stubborn morning high bg

Hi John

I know just what you mean about the Bg's.  In the past I've done tests every 2 hours through the night getting readings of 8.something, then suddenly between 5am and 7am it jumped to 12.4!

Last night I went to bed with a Bg of 11.2 and gave a correctional of 3.1u.  This morning I woke up at 4am for no apparent reason, so did a Bg - 11.2.  Rather than another correctional I upped my basal to 1.5 'til 7am.  Got up at 7am - Bg 11.6!!

Right now it seems that whatever I try to do goes the opposite way and it's getting me down.  My diabetes nurse seems to think that the correctional ratio of 1u for a drop of 3 mmol works for everyone and won't accept that my ratio works at 1u for 1.7 mmol ....  I must admit to feeling a bit 'on a limb' right now.


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