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[IPk] dress and holidays

I've been following the dress queries with interest.  I suggest that if you
need to wear tight-fitting clothes then it might be appropriate to give a
bolus to cover basals (which can always be topped up later / in intervals),
remove the pump and adjust later if necessary.  Even if you have an all day
event, provided you can check your BG and make adjustments with boluses this
should be possible. (And why should this be done in the toilet? - are the
members of this group ashamed that they have diabetes?)

What do folk who sleep in no more than their birthday suits do at night? (Do
you use the waist thing?)

Lastly, holiday issues.  I recently had the good fortune to holiday in Corfu,
where temperatures were almost 40 deg C but not particularly humid.  I tried
earlier tips for pump use, but the main problem I had was that with the
combination of very hot weather, the requisite suntan lotion and the resultant
"perspiration", my pump dressings peeled off on their own and the pump
adhesive itself stopped working.  I'd not anticipated this complication at all
and despite several attempts had to go back to injecting. Ah well, two weeks
of not-so-good control isn't the end of the world, and perhaps a "pump
holiday" for those sites is a good thing...but any ideas would be appreciated
(we do prefer hot climates!).

Mary Leonard.
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