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Re: [IPk] Thigh thing (was Hiding the D-Tron)

> I love it, and it would fall down all the time if you put it where the
> picture in the brochure shows it.  It has to go above the bulge of the
> thigh muscle. The pump then nestles in a hollow in the inner thigh that
> could have been made for it. 

You have a pump-sized hollow in your inner thigh? I must have been away when God
gave those out :-)

> I have been toying with the idea of buying some lycra shorts, and sowing
> a pocket on in the right place, as that would overcome the rolling-up
> (although, who would, in their right mind, wear lycra shorts under a
> frock on a long drive when the temperature was so high in the car that I
> had to put the meter down on the tiled toilet floor for a few minutes
> before it would let me make a measurement?  Maybe the problem isn't with
> the leg thing, but with living in this climate?

Michael's daughter Lily wears her pump under a dress by pinning it with a giant
safety pin to the bottom of a pair of lycra shorts (hooking the clip over the
pin). I still can't for the life of me figure out how to do this successfully -
I can't seem to make it secure enough so it doens't wobble around. And I don't
particularly want to wear lycra shorts under my dress in the heat of summer.
But it works for her apparently.

Sewing a pocket under it sounds like a slightly better idea. i have been tryign
to figure out how to wear the pump under a dance dress which has integrated
underwear, so you can't hide the pump in your bra or knickers. there aer slits
up both legs right to the waist, so you can't wear a leg thing of any kind
either. I guess the only solution is to sew some kind of pocket on the inside
of the dress. but where? 

>However, I do note that my control is a bit worse on days I wear the
>thigh thing, because I can only bolus in 0.5 units (with the remote) and
>0.5 units of insulin moves my bg 2.5 m/mol, so I have to aim corrections
>and boluses a significant bit higher, or risk a hypo.

Could you not at least correct to get better accuracy when you go to the loo?
That's what I do - bolus as near as I can, and then fiddle more precisely when
i can get at it in private.

 > AMT  let me try out the thigh thing and the leg
thing before purchasing, > to see if I liked them.  

Me too. I tried the thigh thing, and as I was walking merrily along the
pavement, it suddenly fell off and the pump came out from underneath my dress
and hit the pavement! That wasn't too bad, but there was no way in the middle
of the road I could put it back again! So I had to carry the pump in my hand
(still attached under my dress, all the way home!!! Though thinking about it
now it might have been easier to just detach the pump.
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