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Re: SV: [IPk] D-Tron design (was Hiding the D-Tron)

On Tue, 24 Jul 2001, you wrote:
> Hi!
> You can see pictures of the D-Tron at http://www.disetronic.co.uk/ 
> It is much longer than the MMs. There are no integrated clip, but the pump coms with a clip case that ataches to the top of the pump. 

Ah, is it the fact that it is longer that is the problem?
I can see that wearing it horizontally might be a problem in that case.
You might be able to clip it vertically in the centre of your bra - especially
if it is tight against your chest. But I find that makes  a bulge with tight
Alternative ideas for dresses:

- the leg thing if it is a long dress. That works quite well and doesn't seem
to fall down as much as the thigh thing.
- the thigh thing (some people love it, I found it just fell down all the time).
- if you wear very close-fitting underwear - e.g. the tummy control briefs -
you can actually wedge it under the waistband very successfully. I have worn my
pump there when dancing and it has stayed put. I prefer it on the hipbone.
- also, under the arm tucked inside the bra. It does make a small bulge but
it's not very noticeable being under the arm. Might not work so well with the
Dtron though. I never liked this one, because I can constantly feel it's there,
although it's very secure, but some people swear by it.

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