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[IPk] Re:high protein and kidneys

> As we know high bgs can damage our kidneys, and from what I thought
> knew about  proteins,  the kidneys have to work extra hard when we
> foods high in protein/ ?
> Is this correct?

Hi Anne
There is much divided opinion on this. I've done quite a bit of
research into
this, and as far as I can tell, if your kidneys are functioning
normally, it
will not make any difference at all, even if you have DM and are
likely to be susceptible in the future to kidney problems. Making them
extra hard isn't actually a contributor to them declining in
function - it's
the blood vessel damage and other things caused by poor control, high
BP and
other factors, that are the problem.
Even if you have some slight kidney damage, eating moderately high
protein is
not a problem. So I've been told by  several specialists anyway. And
if eating
high protein causes your BG levels to be better, then it's
damaging to eat high protein.
The only problem is when you start getting serious kidney damage. At
point you would be seeing a kidney specialist and be advised about
diet etc.
specifically, in any case. The way I understand it, at this point it's
the fact
that the kidneys actually can't process protein properly any more,
rather than
the fact that they are under strain, which causes the problem. The
"strain" of
processing protein - at a ny -pint - is not the real problem. I'm sure
will be people who disagree with me on this.

This, incidentally, is the Bernstein view, FWIW. Bernstein did himself
moderae kidney damage before he started eating low carb.

I would say for pretty much definite though that
- - eating high protein if you have no kidney problems is fine.
- -eating high protein if you have minor kidney damage is fine IF it
means you get
better control of your BG. If it's not improving your control, it's
- -eating high protein if you have serious kidney damage is a definite


Thanks for a very comprehensive reply,  this is good to hear, as you
know us Aussies love the summer bbq's,:)

As for diets, I prefer to use the GI index, and it seems to work for
me so I am going to try to stick to it more thoroughly and see what
results I get.

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