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Re: [IPk] Linking pumps to computers

>Can anyone outline what you do to link pumps to a PC? What is currently
>(I am already fed up writing lots of insulin dosages down in my log book.)

Julian - well done for keeping detailed records! There is strong evidence
that those who keep good records also control their diabetes well. But it
could just be that the sort of people who like to take care of their
records also like to take care of their diabetes. So it doesn't prove that
one causes the other...

The MiniMed pumps (507C and 508) have to be mounted in a special ComStation
(costs about 225 quid) in order to download their data to a computer. Ray,
who sells MiniMed products in the UK, wrote this a few weeks ago:

>I would confirm that we are quite happy to sell a com station to anyone who
>really thinks they can make good use of it. It is easy to operate and there
>is no great support/training issue involved in it. The price is #225 as
>Morag's mail suggested.
>However ,while I find the information tremendously useful for trouble
>shooting purposes, I am not sure how much value there would be to an
>individual in this. So that people can try it our we are quite happy to rent
>one at #25.00 per go, just to cover delivery and collection costs and a bit
>of wear and tear. So if anyone wants to try this just give us a call. You
>can download up to 90 days of data, but only the most recent 2/3weeks data
>is plotted in graphical format - the rest is all in a table data form.

I've seen the spec for the MiniMed software, and it seems that it will only
download bg results from Accu-Chek Advantage and Complete meters or
LifeScan OneTouch II and Profile.

I know little about the Disetronic computer connections. Perhaps Disetronic
could clarify? They mention on this webpage


a forthcoming web-based software package that allows you to upload your
pump and bg data, so you and your clinic can all look at it. It's slated
for release by 31 July. The spec on the site says it will also take data
from all the popular meters. If I remember correctly, the D-TRON
communicates via the infrared port which is found on many computers.

We're hoping to get these programs reviewed soon for the Insulin Pumpers UK


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