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Re: [IPk] Re:Back to high morning Bg's

Anne said:
'Whilst we are discussing the high protein low carb diet i must
ask a question that I have often wondered regarding this diet and
diabetes -
As we know high bgs can damage our kidneys, and from what I thought I
knew about  proteins,  the kidneys have to work extra hard when we eat
foods high in protein/ ?
Is this correct?'

Yes, this is very true. A high protein diet puts more work on the kidneys. 
Anyone who tests positive for microalbuminurea which is an indication of the 
early stages of kidney disease should be told to reduce their intake of 
protein. This, as well as reducing ones blood pressure, helps to slow down 
kidney deterioration. Therefore, I would be cautious about starting on a high 
protein diet, or at least you should speak to your diabetes team.

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