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[IPk] Re: High Pre-Menstrual Sugars

Yes, I am another who's insulin needs increase a lot, I believe that
the pump is going to help during this time once the hard work of
monitoring and recording and adjusting have been done.. (diabetes is
so self absorbing)

I suppose what I was expecting was the usual morning high bgs for no
apparent reason, but what  was happening was my insulin needs
increased day and night for five days before a period.. at varying
amounts.  Once my monthly's start  *is there any nice way to talk
about this*  Before the pump I would usually hypo, now through
changing my basal back to what it was I seem to avoid this, so far:)-

the-scientist.com has a article about  research being done on
menstrual hormones-

"The Rhythms that Bind Women
Researchers from disparate fields find female menstrual hormones
influence much more than reproduction"


I especially found the information regarding mammograms interesting,
basically ladies who are premenopausal should have the mammogram
during the first two weeks of your cycle to get the best results...

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