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Re: [IPk] Back to high morning Bg's

On Fri, 20 Jul 2001, you wrote:
> Sorry to hark back to this again but it has been bugging me now for weeks! :o)

> Some time ago Di said (if I remember rightly) that she cuts the protein out of her evening meal for stable overnight Bg's.
> I have recently been cutting down on the Cho in my evening meal and upping the protein which has given me better Bg's 7.8 and 8.5 rather thans 12's and 14's.
> Thinking about it, it's a bit Bernstein-esque, but I wondered if anyone else does anything similar?

Hi Liz
I did say that, but I think I also said (and if I didn't, I should have) that I
find cutting the carbs down late at night helps too. I can tolerate carbs at my
evening meal as long as it's not too late, but frequently it is just before bed.
Makes sense to cut down the carbs then, because - a la Bernstein  - the more
carbs you have, the more room for error - and also because the processing of
carbs can get buggered up when you're asleep. The reason cutting down protein
at night works for me is because I don't usually cover my protein with insulin
- I find it too hit and miss - so it produces a BG rise in the middle of the

Basically, not eating at all at night would give me great Bgs, but it's not
very practical!
Does that make more sense now?
If you've found something that works for you, go for it, no matter how weird or
how unusual it might be (not that it is in your case)!
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