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RE: [IPk] Back to high morning Bg's

>Some time ago Di said (if I remember rightly) that she cuts the protein out
of her evening meal for stable overnight Bg's.

I have recently been cutting down on the Cho in my evening meal and upping
the protein which has given me better Bg's 7.8 and 8.5 rather thans 12's and

I wonder, then, if what's been happening is your BGs have been falling low
overnight and then you have a high fasting BG because you've rebounded. That
seems a logical conclusion to me if cutting carbs and increasing protein is
keeping your BGs more stable. Perhaps you need to look at tweaking your
overnight basal rates instead of tweaking your food. Unless, of course, you
want to eat more protein in the evening, in which case keep doing what
you're doing.

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