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Re: [IPk] Exercise and BG's - Field Report

On Wed, 18 Jul 2001, you wrote:
> >I guess there could also be a skew (sp) in the impact
> >> according to where you put your infusion set and what your exercise is doing
> >> - I remember this from MDI, but had obviously (like many other things)
> >> deleted it from my memory as soon as I started on a pump!
> >
> >Indeed - but unless you're doing a lot of stomach exercises, or you put your
> >infusion set somewhere other than your stomach, it's probably not going to
> >have much effect.
> Sorry to split hairs, but what I was suggesting was if you take a blood
> sample from the arm of someone without diabetes, there will be far less
> insulin in it than in a blood sample taken from the portal vein which
> connects the pancreas to the liver. That's because the pancreas makes the
> insulin and passes it immediately to the liver which uses up most of it,
> only passing part of it on to the rest of the body.
> If you inject - or infuse - your insulin directly into the outer
> circulation, then the blood entering the liver and muscles has the same
> concentration of insulin, which may not be what you want, but there ain't
> nothing you can do about it, except using the Disetronic DiaPort which puts
> the insulin directly into the liver - but that is still (I think)
> classified as experimental equipment.
> It's probably of little concern to most people most of the time, but worth
> knowing how standard insulin therapy cannot perfectly match what the
> non-diabetic body really does.
> John
John, that makes sense, but I think you're talking about somethign completely
different to what we were talking about. Or perhaps it's just me who is!
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