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Re: [IPk] Exercise and BG's - Field Report

>I guess there could also be a skew (sp) in the impact
>> according to where you put your infusion set and what your exercise is doing
>> - I remember this from MDI, but had obviously (like many other things)
>> deleted it from my memory as soon as I started on a pump!
>Indeed - but unless you're doing a lot of stomach exercises, or you put your
>infusion set somewhere other than your stomach, it's probably not going to
>have much effect.

Sorry to split hairs, but what I was suggesting was if you take a blood
sample from the arm of someone without diabetes, there will be far less
insulin in it than in a blood sample taken from the portal vein which
connects the pancreas to the liver. That's because the pancreas makes the
insulin and passes it immediately to the liver which uses up most of it,
only passing part of it on to the rest of the body.

If you inject - or infuse - your insulin directly into the outer
circulation, then the blood entering the liver and muscles has the same
concentration of insulin, which may not be what you want, but there ain't
nothing you can do about it, except using the Disetronic DiaPort which puts
the insulin directly into the liver - but that is still (I think)
classified as experimental equipment.

It's probably of little concern to most people most of the time, but worth
knowing how standard insulin therapy cannot perfectly match what the
non-diabetic body really does.


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