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[IPk] Exercise and BG's - Field Report

Even more advice - thank you!!  

With regards to John's point about "too little insulin in the liver and too
much in the muscles" - I had never really thought about it like that, but it
makes perfect sense.  I guess there could also be a skew (sp) in the impact
according to where you put your infusion set and what your exercise is doing
- I remember this from MDI, but had obviously (like many other things)
deleted it from my memory as soon as I started on a pump!

With regards to the hormone secretions during anaerobic, I think they are
the counter-regulatory hormones - not sure if that includes the stress
hormones or not, but I definitely remember something about
counter-regulatory hormones.  I guess any exercise that you do above a
certain heart rate could end up producing these hormones?  

My field report on new regime is as follows:

Time		BG		Basal		Activity
6:30		9.7m/mol	0.4u/hr
7:00-8:15					40 minutes CV activity @ 70%
HR (wore monitor) + weights
8:00 on				1.1u/hr
8:15		4.9m/mol

Then had breakfast - usual bolus and my BG an hour and a half later was 7.9
and not up round about 17 as it has been recently.

So, on that basis the changing my basal back up earlier seems to have

Audrey Sheal
IDDM 20 years +, Minimed 508 9 months+

Scottish Enterprise Network

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