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[IPk] High Pre-Menstrual Sugars

Can anyone help re high sugars during the week or so pre-period??

Before I went on the pump I didn't even know this was an issue for me as my 
sugars were never very good and it was impossible to detect any patterns etc. 
but it seems that I am getting much higher sugars before my period and that 
they settle back down again as soon as it arrives. The question I want to ask 
is whether anyone else notices this as early as two weeks before a period. 
This seems to be what I am experiencing at the moment and it is quite 
dramatic - I am adding 0.2 of a unit of insulin per hour and still getting 
high sugars, yet I am highly sensitive to insulin and usually deal in 
relatively small amounts. Also, do you find that the increase in insulin 
required tends to be a percentage increase throughout the day or can it vary 
according to the time of day?

Any advice would be appreciated re this whole area. Luckily I can programme 
my MiniMed pump to operate on a different 'pre-menstrual' profile. I would 
really welcome input from anyone else with similar problems. No doubt I've 
had this natural variation in insulin requirements since puberty but I never 
knew until now!!!

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