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Re: [IPk] Exercise

> But can anyone explain why my bg's plunge at the end of a long journey? Is
> it the excitement of arrival? I was on a 6-hour train journey yesterday,
> with son, and was met at the station by my wife at 10pm. 5 minute cycle
> home. Checked bg: 3.2! I'd had a can of apple juice (15g CHO) and a largish
> bag of peanuts 45 minutes earlier to counter this, but no luck!
> John

I wonder if it's anything to do with the fact that you've been very inactive
for a long time, and then you get up an dmove around and the insulin - which
may have been sitting rather still - gets transported rather fast once you get
up and start moving and the blood flow speeds up? And possibly somethign
similar with hormonal activity.....sudden stress of arriving and sorting
everything out and getting home? Who knows? of course, the other question is
what was your BG just before you got off the train????

Long train journeys just tend to make my BG rise, because I'm not used to
sitting still for so long - even if I get up and walk around - which you can't
do  easily when the train's full. Business meetings do the same - in fact I
have a "conference basal profile" which means I raise my basals right around
the clock when I'm at a conference or at meetings all day, because there's so
much sitting around doing nothing!
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