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Post exercise BG's:

Dear Audrey,
My exprience is identical to yours, with BGs shooting up after a hard workout.
I have spoken to the local 'experts' here in Cape Town (South Africa) who gave
the usual bluster and half-explanation that we all get from medicos who don't
really know the answer. However, the interesting point for me is that the
pattern of BGs under hard (anaerobic) exercise is significantly different to
exercise under long, slow (aerobic) exercise. My BG shoots up after anaerobic
exercise (the more exhausted I get, the higher the BG) but stays constant or
drops slowly over time during aerobic exercise. I treat the shooting BG in the
same way that you do.

I have found that the long slow fall in BG during aerobic exercise can be very
dangerous, eg, during marathon running or all-day hiking. I got into serious
difficulties on the Drakensberg mountains about 10 years ago as a result - the
problem is that I don't feel the change in BG as dramatically as when the
change is sudden. And it is bothersome to stop a hike or a long run to test
BGs, specilly if you are in a group.

My memory is hazy on the detail but I recall the medics saying that there is
sigificant hormone secretion during anaerobic exercise which gives rise to the
high BGs - but what I know about such matters is dangerous.

	Rory Wilson
	52 years old, IDDM 20 years +, Minimed 508 pumper 4 months+
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