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RE: [IPk] Exercise/high bgs etc

On Tue, 17 Jul 2001, you wrote:
> Hello,
> I've found if I take my pump off for exercise I'll last for 30-40 minutes
> OK but if I don't reconnect then my blood sugar goes up 1-2 hours
> afterwards.  I've been trying setting temporary rates instead, starting
> an hour before exercise and having it come back up to the normal
> rate 15-30 minutes before the end of the exercise. My daytime basal is
> 0.8 and at the moment I'm trying a reduction to 0.4 for running/aerobics
> type activities.   That 0.4 is a bit high though  - last night  my blood
> sugar dropped from 5.8 to 2.5 during an hour long class, so I also needed
> to eat.  When I tried 0.3 the time before, though, it was too low and I
> went up to 13 or something!  Still, I'd rather be fiddling over the fine
> tuning than having to eat or drink loads before exercise and then feeling
> all sluggish....

HI Katherine
That sounds pretty much like what I do for dancing.
Two possibilities for fine tuning spring to mind. 
- keep the basal at 0.4 but eat a few carbs first.
- keep the basal at 0.3 but turn it back to the noaml basal a bit earlier.

> The only thing is, the pump gets all sweaty - I just hope that isn't > going
to damage it. 

Where do you put the pump when you exercise? If it's clipped onto your shorts
and in its case it should be fine. If it's in your bra, try putting it in a
baby sock or (what I use sometimes) one of those "footsie" things (those hidden
sock things made out of tights material).
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