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RE: [IPk] Re: Being ill for the first time

> I assume you don't have this starting BG for too long. In that case, I
> wouldn't worry, and your DSN, who I commend for wanting to achieve perfect
> BGs, shouldn't worry either. I really can't see how very short term high BGs
> will have too much of an impact if the rest of the time we're eating
> properly, maintaining good BGs, taking our antioxidants, etc.
> elizabeth

Hmm, I would tend to disagree here.
For a start, exercising with that high a BG can mean your Bg goes up and not
down......though you seem to be OK, it's a risk if you don't get it spot on.
Also, i am sure you won't be able to exercise to your full potential with a BG
that high - even if it's not for long. I know I can't dance with a BG that
high - even only temporarily - I lose my balance for a start, and my brain fogs.
i know a lot of people do this - I remember Peter Standing, the marathon
runner, saying he did it, but I think if you can avoid doing it then it's got
to be better. On MDI, there's no easy solution, but I think with a pump it
should be possible.
And thirdly, well I think if you can keep your BG level rather than having it
swinging around (even if only briefly) that's got  to be better.
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