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RE: [IPk] Re: Being ill for the first time

Hi jenny -

>I find
that it drops by about 12mmol during the hour so
unless my starting bg is above 15, I will go hypo. I
am also aware that exercising with a high blood sugar
is not wise. I am trying to find a compromise with my
DSN, who wants me to start the class with a "normal"
blood sugar. Hmm..

I assume you don't have this starting BG for too long. In that case, I
wouldn't worry, and your DSN, who I commend for wanting to achieve perfect
BGs, shouldn't worry either. I really can't see how very short term high BGs
will have too much of an impact if the rest of the time we're eating
properly, maintaining good BGs, taking our antioxidants, etc.

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