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Re: [IPk] Re: Being ill for the first time

On Mon, 16 Jul 2001, you wrote:
> I am off work with a bug, for the first time since I
> got my pump. I took my normal dose of Humalog this
> morning, lazed around and by lunchtime my bg was 4.4!
> Does this mean that I'm a fraud and should be back at
> work?! I suspect the answer is yes...:-)

Jenny, if this is your first day of being ill, your insulin requirements may
well increase over the next few days. I seem to find that it takes a day or so
of being ill before I need to increase my insulin.

 > On the topic of exercise,
any advice would be > welcomed: I do hour long aerobics classes two or three >
times a week. I remove my pump for the duration and > test my blood immediately
before and after. I find > that it drops by about 12mmol during the hour so
> unless my starting bg is above 15, I will go hypo. I
> am also aware that exercising with a high blood sugar
> is not wise. I am trying to find a compromise with my
> DSN, who wants me to start the class with a "normal"
> blood sugar. Hmm...

See my response to Audrey just now for what I do.
How are you getting your starting BG up to 15 in the first place?
For an hour's strenuous exercise, I test my BG about 30 mins before I go. If it
is normal, I eat 10-15g short-acting carb (like a banana) and turn my pump off.
I walk to the gym, and by the time I get there, my BG will be around 7-8.  If
it's any lower, I'll take a couple of glucose tabs.
I then do the exercise with my pump off, but turn it back on about 30 mins
before I finish. My normal basal rate is about 0.9 units/hour.

I think your problem is that you're not turning off your insulin BEFORE you
start. That means that there's a lot of insulin in your body for the first 30
mins or so of your exercise, causing your BG to plummet.

Hope that helps
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