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Re: [IPk] Exercise

Hi Audrey
I had the same problem as you, and I have finally pretty much fixed it.

The key is in this sentence

> My basal when I am exercising is very low, and I keep it low for
> about 30mins after I finish and then back up to normal.

I was turning my insulin off while I was exercising (starting 30 mins before) ,
and then just putting it back to normal when I finished, and a couple of hours
later my Bg would shoot up. I was exercising mostly in the evening just before
The solution for me was to turn my insulin off starting 30 mins before the
exercise, and then set it back to normal about 30 mins BEFORE I finished.
Bearing in mind that there is a delay while the insulin starts working, the
timings seem to coincide more accurately this way. This is for Humalog,
incidentally. Probably about 80% of the time this works for me. I find trying
to pre-empt a BG rise is much easier than trying to fix it!
I used to have the same problem while dancing.  For 3 hours dancing I would
halve my basal, and my Bg would be perfect until a couple of hours later. Now I
time the reduction in basal to finish at least 30 mins, if not an hour, before
I finish dancing (depending on how active I am being) and that seems to result
in much better post-exercise BGs.
Hope that helps

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