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[IPk] Exercise

	Dear All

	I am still having real problems with my post exercise BG's.
Basically they seem to shoot up really high when I have had a hard workout.
I have tried testing during exercise and they come down (not dramatically
but they do come down 2-3m/mols) - I then  have my breakfast and they can
shoot up from maybe 5 m/mols to 20 m/mols.   I have tried changing my
breakfast to see if it is a GI problem but there is no great difference.
The days when I do really light exercise this does not seem to happen - I
know it would be sensible therefore to only do very light exercise, but to
be honest there is not much point and I enjoy a good workout.

	My basal when I am exercising is very low, and I keep it low for
about 30mins after I finish and then back up to normal.  I have also tried
giving myself much larger pre-breakfast boluses and different delivery
mechanisms (dual wave bolus), but nothing makes a difference except giving
my pre-breakfast bolus (4u) and then an hour later giving another bolus of
anything between 2-4u.  Things then settle down from about 11:30 am and run
quite tight for the rest of the day.

	Can anyone offer any advice as this is driving me mad!!

	Audrey Sheal
	IDDM 20 years +, Minimed 508 pumper 9 months+

> If you are prepared to commit to a low-carb diet for the long term, and
> motivated to exercise for an hour per day, 5-6 days per week, you will
> probably be quite successful.  I have realized that I feel better when I
> eat
> just about what I want (within reason, of course!) and exercise 5-6 days
> per
> week.  I can keep the commitment to going to the gym, but I have trouble
> resisting a cookie.
> Exercising 5-6 days per week, whatever you eat, will probably help a lot.
> When I'm exercising regularly, I use about 40-45 units of Humalog a day
> and my
> bgs (while they could be better, of course) stay in the "good" range.
> When
> I'm not working out several days a week, I use around 55-60 U. and my
> sugars
> swing more wildly.
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