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[IPk] Re: Bernstein


I followed _The Zone_ for about 5 months a few years ago.  While low-carb
diets look appealing because they sure do simplify carb-counting and one's
insulin requirements go way down, I had to quit the plan for a few reasons.
First, my cholesterol went up because I was eating more meat and egg products.
Second, I don't absolutely love tofu, which would have been on the menu a few
times a week if I'd continued.  Third, I quite simply felt deprived and
unhappy: I could not eat a piece of cake on my own birthday!

I needed to find a plan I could follow for the _rest of my life_, not just to
lose some weight.  You need to give your body what it needs to operate
properly, and what it should get used to having for the long term.  While a
lot of diets really are sound in most aspects, they all work for just so long.
You may hit a plateau sooner, or you may hit one later, but you will hit one.
If you are prepared to commit to a low-carb diet for the long term, and
motivated to exercise for an hour per day, 5-6 days per week, you will
probably be quite successful.  I have realized that I feel better when I eat
just about what I want (within reason, of course!) and exercise 5-6 days per
week.  I can keep the commitment to going to the gym, but I have trouble
resisting a cookie.

Exercising 5-6 days per week, whatever you eat, will probably help a lot.
When I'm exercising regularly, I use about 40-45 units of Humalog a day and my
bgs (while they could be better, of course) stay in the "good" range.  When
I'm not working out several days a week, I use around 55-60 U. and my sugars
swing more wildly.

My two cents (I'm still in Mississippi, y'all),

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