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[IPk] no delivery alarms on the MM

I was just bolusing 2 units (for a yummy Go Ahead chocolate muffin) when I got
a no delivery alarm half way through. When I checked the line, it was caught in
the zip of my trousers :-) I checked to see how much had been delivered before
it stopped, and it said 1.4 units. I've bolused another .6 units, but I'm now
wondering if there would be a certain amount of insulin that it thinks it's
delivered, but actually hasn't (if you see what I mean). I know that when it's
just the basal insulin going in, there's a difference of  something like 0.5
units of insulin ( maybe more, can't remember) between the point it actually
stops delivering insulin and the point it tells you it has stopped. When that
happens because I've run out of insulin, I always add at least half a unit
extra after I've sorted everything out. 
Any thoughts?
This is for a MM 508 - I would expect it to be different for a Disetronic....
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