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Re: [IPk] I D braclets

On Wed, 11 Jul 2001, you wrote:
> We have only had cheap metal one's for Sasha in the past because the gym
> teacher used to insist it was removed it was very tricky to get on and off
> and eventually all three disappeared or broke.  I have got a forth tag
> thingy on a chain that she wears in the car when we go on long trips but I
> don't like her wearing it otherwise, as she spends her time in trees outside
> the house and she might hang herself!!!!  I did not know that MediAlert did
> fabric ones.  I have been looking for ages for something that will do.  When
> she goes to her new school in Sept I wanted her to have something.  I was
> worried about getting a proper metal one as they are all huge, much too big
> for a 7 year old wrist and didn't appear to be easy to alter.   I was told
> by one jeweller that you couldn't alter it or take out the links.
> I will look and see if I can find if they do these fabric one in the UK.

Hi Jackie

I use a MediTag, and after breaking or losing a couple of them (the clasp kept
comign undone) I got a jeweller to remove the old clasp and put a much stronger
oand better one on. Since then I've had no problems with it.

 The Sports braceletshave  been available in the US for a while.
shows some pictures

They now do them in the UK too:


Not particularly cheap though.
Scroll down till you get to "new addition to the sports family"

MedicAlert are proud to announce the birth of the navy blue sports bracelet!
Owing to           the enormous popularity of our sports range, we have
imported a new blue range from           our colleagues in Canada. They cost
#24.95 plus #10 annual fee, and are particularly           suitable for older
children, manual/machine workers, and of course 'sporty' types. The          
clasp is also proving popular among our elderly members, proving easier to do
up than           that of the steel bracelet. Why not treat yourself or a loved
one to one these items. The           current range are:

              Small or large black (up to or over 7 =") 
              Small or large green and black(up to or over 7 =") 
              Small yellow and black (up to 7 =") 
              Small or large navy blue (up to or over 7 =") 
I'm not sure if MediTag do one, but I seem to remember they used to.
They also do an ID  watch, which might be an alternative idea - though I don't
think people would necessarily realise what it was.
 Some of their website appears to be under
reconstruction though.

I've just noticed that MediTag seem to have brought out a new device which is
like the existing ID bracelets etc but stores data electronically on a chip,
and can be downloaded to a computer. Sounds pretty nifty! Not sure if it's been
officially released for sale though.

 Check it out at:

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