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Re: [IPk] I D braclets

On Wed, 11 Jul 2001, you wrote:
> Hi Di
> I was just going to say if you didn't want to take off your bracelet in case
> it gets lost etc,  could you wear one of those stretchy wrist sweat bands
> over it?  This is what I have heard of others doing when they were told that
> they had take off their ID bracelets for sports.   I wish we had done this
> for Sasha, she has to take it off for gym and consequently we have lose two
> because of this.  Mind you, I have just being looking at the site about
> Goalball, this sounds terrific fun, very fast and furious.  Maybe even under
> a sweat band it might still be a hazard.
> Jackie

Hi Jackie
I suppose I could, but since my ID bracelet is quite loose  (I prefer it that
way) I think it would still be dangerous - if I got hit on the wrist it might 
still be quite painful too....I suppose I could get one of the sport-type ID
bracelets that are made of fabric. I think MedicAlert do them, and MediTag too
(which is what I use). You can get children's ones - one of those might be a
good idea for Sasha? Especially later when you might not always be around.
to be honest, in my case as long as I remember to put it straight back on
afterwards I don't think it's a problem. And I always link it with my watch and
earrings when I take it off - I know I will put my watch back on afterwards, so
I remember to put the bracelet back on too. When I broke my wrist skiing a few
months ago, the bracelet was on the broken wrist. It was a good job the
bracelet was a loose one, or they would probably have had to cut it off me!!!

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