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Re: [IPk] Re: Palm software?


I used to use a GlucoPilot several years ago and found it to be a good 
program but I stopped using it when companies started producing decent 
software to download the data directly from meters on to a PC

If you don' have that facility or it is inconvenient to use then the 
GlucoPilot is a good alternative to  a log book.

Kind regards


At 18:44 09/07/2001, you wrote:
>  Katharine,
>The GlucoPilot website still indicates that an interface with OneTouch meters
>is in the works.  I'll e-mail the developers and see what I can find out.
>Thanks for your insightful review!  I think/hope I'll be more motivated to use
>the Palm than I have been to write in a logbook.  Doing something with a Palm
>is much more a "cool-lookin'" activity than scribbling figures in a chart that
>looks like a checkbook.  (Yes, Americans spell it check.  Cheque even
>registers as a misspelling in my e-mail program!  Ah, only 55 days

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