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Re: [IPk] Re: Palm software?


The GlucoPilot website still indicates that an interface with OneTouch meters
is in the works.  I'll e-mail the developers and see what I can find out.
Thanks for your insightful review!  I think/hope I'll be more motivated to use
the Palm than I have been to write in a logbook.  Doing something with a Palm
is much more a "cool-lookin'" activity than scribbling figures in a chart that
looks like a checkbook.  (Yes, Americans spell it check.  Cheque even
registers as a misspelling in my e-mail program!  Ah, only 55 days

Melissa, who WILL report back, John! :)
IDDM 7 years; MiniMed pumper 5 years; poor record-keeper longer than I want to
admit publicly.
----- Original Message -----
The drawback is that you have to input everything by hand (or stylus) -
there was talk of a meter interface but I don't know what happened with
that.  Eventually I decided it had told me everything it was going to and
stopped using it.  Now I let my pump record insulin doses and my meter
plus computer software log the bgs.  The Glucopilot was very useful at
the time though and I'd consider it again if it had a direct meter

Don't know if that helps.....

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