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Re: [IPk] Re: Palm software?

>I know I asked already, but do let us know if you genuinely find it
>helpful. I am horribly cynical about the benefits of computer
>diary/graphing programs, although it remains my ambition to produce to
>produce the ultimate program and put all diabetes specialists out of

About GlucoPilot, I used it for about six months, it was part of my last
ditch attempt to get better control on MDI.  I found it very useful to
have a running day to day log of how I was doing and not to have to wait
till I got to my computer.  It let me see immediately if any of the
changes I was making with injection timing etc were having an effect.  It
records bgs and insulin doses and produces pie charts etc. on the Palm
screen.  And the trendy geeky factor of the Palm sort of motivates you to
use it!

The drawback is that you have to input everything by hand (or stylus) -
there was talk of a meter interface but I don't know what happened with
that.  Eventually I decided it had told me everything it was going to and
stopped using it.  Now I let my pump record insulin doses and my meter
plus computer software log the bgs.  The Glucopilot was very useful at
the time though and I'd consider it again if it had a direct meter

Don't know if that helps.....



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