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Re: [IPk] Discrimination

>Thanks for the response, I still don't see their problem as if I do a
>blood test before I go up and
>its Ok then I should be as fit to go up as any other person.

This is a fiendish problem. The school's legal duties to act in loco
parentis, and prevent you doing anything life threatening, clash head on
with your confidence in your own abilities, and your desire to do what
everyone else is doing. It's a bummer. It's possible that underpinning it
all is the school's insurance - if you fall off and kill yourself, the
school is protected by insurance. Great. Until the insurers discover you
had diabetes, and their lawyers will claim you must have been having a hypo
(apparently you can't test the bg of a dead body) so the insurance is
invalidated. School goes bankrupt under the legal claim from your parents...

OK, I paint an extreme situation.

I reckon your best bet is to get a letter from your diabetes specialist
confirming that in his/her opinion your diabetes is well controlled to not
present a risk. Only your doctor can say this - you can't. And then get the
school to obtain special coverage for you.

I was in the Army Cadet Force at school. Loved it. Live exercises on
Salisbury Plain, climbing expeditions in Skye etc. I kept quiet about my
diabetes, but the school staff did know about it. Then when I went to
university and tried to join the Officer Training Core, I hit a brick wall.
Diabetes was a no-no.


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