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Re: [IPk] Re: Palm software?

>Thanks!  I knew you'd have a hot tip.  I looked into the GlucoPilot and I
>think I'll take advantage of the 15-day free trial when I get my Palm.

I know I asked already, but do let us know if you genuinely find it
helpful. I am horribly cynical about the benefits of computer
diary/graphing programs, although it remains my ambition to produce to
produce the ultimate program and put all diabetes specialists out of work

What concerns me is my own tendency to say "Gosh! Doesn't that graph look
nice" rather than "Hmmm... how can I use that data to improve my future
performance?". Diabetes is increasingly now a disease producing
overwhelming quantities of data, and I don't think many of us are well
equipped to handle it (and that goes for the clinics as well). Perhaps I'm
wrong, but how many of us here have complete records of everything we have
eaten, every bg result, every bolus and injection, every bit of exercise,
over the last 12 months? Possible answers to many of our problems lie
hidden in that data, and yet if you are anything like me, you throw most of
it out...


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