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Re: [IPk] pump to injections

Just a quick note to tell u that I have a huge difference with injections and 
pump boluses.
Twice i have had a hypo with injections. The first time my blood sugar was 
high so i panicked (this was at the beginning of pump therapy) and i gave 
myself an injection of 5 units of insulin in the arm and my blood sugar 
plummeted. The second time i was rushing around to go to a friend at night 
for a drink and i forgot to attach my pump. Oops. So when she brought nibbles 
out i had my insulin via an injection, this was 2 units and sure enough i 
went hypo again. This was after being off pump for 2 hrs and sitting very 
calm having a nice glass of wine. My body seems to react much quicker to an 
injection of insulin than a bolus.  Mind i must say that i have the 
Disetronic D-tron and i love it as i always give my insulin over a set period 
of time. This ranges from 15 mins to 4 hours. So maybe my body is not used to 
having the insulin immediately now.
Hope this helps.
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