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[IPk] Re: Pen bolussing

Liz wrote:

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I woke with a high Bg (13.3) and programmed in a
correctional bolus.  As it started to deliver, I got my first No
Delivery alarm since I've had the pump.  That was a bit tense until I
realised what it was! :o)

I changed the line but decided to put in my correctional bolus by pen.
This is where the strangeness begins ...

With a pump given bolus I get a good reduction in Bg after not long
and the desired Bg in 1-2 hours depending on other factors.

With the pen bolus I checked my Bg after one and then two hours and it
hadn't moved my Bg an inch!

Has anyone else encountered results like this and do you have better
alternatives for if (fingers crossed I won't!) I get the same thing

Best wishes to all

Liz Hawkins
IDDM 24 yrs, 508 pumper 2+ m

Hi All,

I have been pumping for about 6 weeks now and like Liz have found that
a correction bolus would work just how I wanted it to, but in the last
few days i have a flu  and it seems to have sent my sugars up, I have
raised my basals and bolused to bring it down but its a lot harder to
control at the moment.. This list as well as good educators has made
my introduction to the pump incredibly simple so pretty much this has
been the first major problem I have experienced..  Should I expect to
raise my  basal rates always when ill and  do you think I should try a
injection rather than bolus whilst unwell??  How much do basal rates
vary during illness??
Thanks in advance:-)

New Pumper.
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