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Re: [IPk] Pen bolussing

>With the pen bolus I checked my Bg after one and then two hours and it
>hadn't moved my Bg an inch!

Liz - that would leave me scraching my head too :-)

I find that injected Humalog generally hits me faster than a bolus from my
pump. I've assumed that that is because it is injected into an absolutely
fresh bit of fat, whereas, unless it is a brand new infusion set, a pump
bolus may be going into fat that's been absorbing insulin for several days.
That may slow it up slightly. And personally I never use pens - too bulky
and fiddly for my liking. I find a syringe injection is much simpler,
faster and reliable. Syringes don't come with fancy advertising and sexy
colours, but once you've overcome that, they really are very good :-)

Assuming the insulin you used was in good condition, and you injected it
properly, various possibilities spring to mind:

You are fighting off a virus and your insulin requirement has suddenly and
temporarily gone very high. That maybe why your waking bg was high in the
first place.

Or you were very unlucky and your injected Humalog hit scar tissue or a
bruise and never got absorbed properly? The area under our skin is not
perfect and unblemished. This is why we check an infusion set 2 hours after
insertion to see that it is being absorbed properly. Of course, if it was a
long acting insulin injection that wasn't being absorbed, you couldn't suck
it out and reinject it somewhere else :-)

Someone is going to suggest that you inject you Humalog and then go for a
20 minute jog to distribute the insulin by getting the blood pumping into
every corner of your body...

On the bright side, I remember the bad old days when a waking bg of 13
would be a triumph for me! I'm not going to go hypo soon, and it's in the
low rather than the high teens...


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