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RE: [IPk] Pen bolussing

I agree that it shouldn't make a huge difference if it's a once-off thing.
Did you ever notice much difference between injecting in your arm and your
abdomen when you were on injections? And really, the thing we're looking for
in this instance is quality of life. So what's going to give you a better
quality of life in this situation: continuing with fixing your pump and
eating an hour after everyone, or injecting insulin, eating with everyone,
and making any corrections (if any are needed) a bit later once you've had a
chance to fix your pump? I suspect the latter wins, hands down.

Certainly a pump is different than injections: otherwise my insulin usage
wouldn't have decreased by five units when I started pumping (and nothing
else changed). But I think this sort of difference is negligible in
occasional situations, so you should do what works best for you.

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