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[IPk] Re: Pen bolussing

Ingrid: It doesn't take all that long for a 6 u. bolus--just a few minutes,
really--if the "normal" bolus option is selected.  Selecting a square-wave or
dual bolus (available on my MiniMed 507C; I don't know the options on a
Disetronic) makes the infusion rate much slower.

Zoe: Would you have injected your leg with the pen rather than your abdomen?

If you were clear with the rep about planning to put the pen in somewhere near
your pump set site, I can't think of why the rep would have said there's a
difference.  Humalog is Humalog and your tummy is your tummy.  I mean, that's
been my experience for the past couple of years (I was on BR--Buffered
Regular--for some time [ack, I can't remember how long] before I got on
Humalog.  Maybe I'm blocking out the unpleasantness of the BR.).

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