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RE: [IPk] Pen bolussing

>With the pen bolus I checked my Bg after one and then two hours and it
hadn't moved my Bg an inch!

hi Liz -

First, you should eject a few units from your pen into the air before using
it. I've found that there's slippage between the plunger and the insulin
vial on my pen because it isn't used for months on end. And you should also
use a fresh needle top, because if you leave one on for a while it might get
clogged. When I used a pen regularly I always left a needle on it (because I
reused them a few times). Now I never have a needle on it.

Another thing is to make sure the insulin in the pen is in date. The
insulins usually last a good while after their expiry date if they're stored
properly, but they must become ineffective sometime!

For all the reasons outlined above, I no longer rely on a pen for backup.
Instead, I always have my current vial of humalog with me (which I use in my
pump, and I need with me in case I have to fill a reservoir) and a syringe.
That way there's no chance of out of date insulin/blocked needles/no plunger

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