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Re: [IPk] Re:funded pumps

Hi Miles,

     I am completely funded apart from only getting 1 pump out of the 2 pump
kit, as I mentioned.
     I was totally aware of running costs when i first started as the
hospital wasn't and is still not sure how long I would be funded for.
Diesetronic said its about 20.00 a week on average.
     I think I have mentioned to John that I have on several occasions made
the Infusion sets last 6-7 day once 11 but I changed it for I did want to
push my luck.
     I soon know if I'm going to get a problem as they itch after 24 hours.
     Firstly I use the tenders which have the detachable bit so if the area
is fine I leave this in, I then refil and prime through 20 units checking
for air and useing the existing tubing once through I prime another 5 units
of insulin just to make sure then reconnect, tjus only using a syringe and
needle, but this only works if the sets can be left in for a 4 day +.
     When I was only injections I use to keep my syringe and needle in the
fridge afterwards and just reuse them until the needle was not to sharp. My
doctor at the time said she woudn't recomend it but as diabetics are not
sharing the needles the risk of infection was minimal, so I suppose in
theory I could do that again, but as yet I've not neede to.
     Because of they way I use my supplies the hospital ring me to ask why
I've not ordered, and they have explained that they can't budget if I'm not
ordering the correct amount, so I can't win really.
     With all this hot weather I have had trouble with them sticking and I'm
going through them like hotcakes, so I suppose my supplies will equal
themselves out.


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